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Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Work in Progress

Oh my - I had a little panic attack when I looked at the calendar.  I have been drifting off enjoying more of this.  It is so addicting!

Oh my head is spinning - I have so many plans of scenes I want to hook.  I went online looking for how to finish or bind them and found some great videos by Canadian Deanne Fitzpatrick.  WOW - there's some incredible creations out there!  She's in Amhurst, Nova Scotia.  You must look her up.

I did finish the sky on this and I'm really happy with it.  It has an interesting mood with the storm building up.  I'm not sure what to call it.   It's about 7x9 if that gives you some idea of how small those thousands of knots are.

I've also started running again now that the ice is gone.  Sweet!  Running inside sucks.  I put the treadmill up to the big sliding glass doors and open the window wide... but it's still not the same.  Running outside is like pure therapy. 

That's what I'm up to!  Have a great week everyone!  I'm linking this to


Regina said...

A lovely rug! Which technique do you use to secure the fabric strips?

Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

Very nice indeed!!

HollyM said...

I've done one small hooked rug and I have been to Deanna's studio. It's about 3 hours from here. For once I'm close to something! I'd like to do more but I'm saying no to myself for now.
I can't imagine the time and patience it takes to do all those little knots, and they even get smaller as they recede. It is gorgeous!

elle said...

i, too, took a small rug hooking class. LUVED IT! Not enough time in the day or the night.

Linda said...

I've been to Deanne's shop a few times. I adore her work. I especially love her paisley skies.
Your sky is awesome and all those wonderful knots.

Ellie said...

A couple of years ago my daughter got a latch hook rug kit of winnie the pooh. She did quite a lot of it but got bored so I finished it off for her. It is very addictive.
Your newest piece is very lovely - looks like a lot of work.

Karen said...

When you come visit me in Amherst we can run down to Deanne's studio (literally). And yes, the time just flies by, especially when we are lost in work we love!

rtquilter said...

Very nice Monika! My sister lives in NS and is REALLY into rug hooking! Enjoy!,

M-R said...

Do I sense a new direction in your work, Monika? With what you do with thread painting, I can just imagine what you would create with rug hooking. My father-in-law loves hooked rugs and met a woman last summer who was starting a hook rug museum in the Hubbards, Nova Scotia area. I'm wondering if it was Deanna.

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