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Thursday, 23 February 2012

Things I Love Thursdays

What can I say?  I love thread.

Invisifil, DecoBob, Mirage, Metallics, omg I forget the other names! There were so many.

Razzle, Dazzle, Sizzle (Arwen picks her favorite color)

Tutti and Konfetti - love. 

And that was my visit to Creative House on Tuesday!  It was like a candy store.  mmmm.  : )  I STILL can't find the right green (in any brand).  Do you think Wonderfil would make me a couple of custom colors in the Tutti line?  I'll be needing a canola yellow too in Konfetti. : )


Flo @ Butterfly Quilting said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun there !!

Patti said...

All that thread looks like candy too! Why don't you send wonderfil an email and see if they will do custom orders...if they see you're beautiful artwork they might just do it for you! Nothing ventured....

Becky said...

WOW! I wish we had a store like that around here! I've started buying thread on-line, and it stinks... There's no way the computer colors are ever "real life". Do you happen to know if any of these thread companies make a swatch card, like the Kona color card? That's really what I need!

Ellie said...

Oh I love all of those beautiful colours.

HollyM said...

Oh my, to have access to that much thread, wow!
I have discovered the Superior website at least and I'm working on an order.

Christie, Describe Happy said...

Best thread display ever!!

Linda said...

I love Wonderfil threads so much.

Faith said...

Mmmm..... I love thread, too. What I'd really like, though, is one of those racks to keep my own thread on, with some kind of clear cover to keep the dust and cat hair out. It would be nice to see it that way rather than digging through a drawer.

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