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Thursday, 23 February 2012

Finished It! Friday

I have to finish the edges and then mount & frame it still, but the thread painting is done!  Here is a commission I finished for K.  She saw my Wolf Willow & Prairie Lilies at the Centre Galleries last fall and really wanted this scene.  It was already sold.  I told the first buyer that this might happen and she was okay with it.  No two are ever identical as they are all hand done - so in that sense, everyone gets an original.  I certainly don't mind!  I loved this one and barely spent much time with it.  It was sold before it was even finished last year!  Here are some pretty details of Wolf Willow & Prairie Lilies 2, for K.

Prairie Lilies, grasses & weeds at the bottom of the fence post.

Trees out on the horizon.

A beautiful day with pretty clouds.

Grasses and wolf willow behind the barbed wire.

That's all I'm going to show you!  I want K. to be the first to see the whole thing.  She won't be getting this for a while since I'm having it juried with the provincial craft council some time next month.  I need a dozen pieces on hand, so everything I'm making now needs to stay put for a bit.

Thank you K.!  I really enjoyed stitching this one for you.


Textile Tragic said...

Hi Monika
I'm looking for a bit of technical help please. I see your blog posts come up on your facebook page. Do you have that set up automatically or do you do it a post at a time? Can you point me to any "how to" resource? Thanks:)

Roshni said...

I'm amazed that these are not photographs/ paintings, but actually stitched!!! This is beyond beautiful!! Love it! :)

HollyM said...

I think this is one of my favorites. I love the grasses and flowers in the foreground but there is something about trees silhouetted on the horizon.

Flo @ Butterfly Quilting said...

I love this one....but then I love all of them LOL
I am totally in awe looking at your stitching...the grass and flowers have just come to life! Amazing!

Christie, Describe Happy said...

The little glimpses are just wonderful!! Wishing you a lovely weekend.. and hey.. did you get any snow with the storm we got last night? We got a whooping 3 inches.. but it felt so magical!

Textile Tragic said...

Thanks for the help Monika.

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