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Thursday, 2 February 2012

Friday Finishes

I finished it!  I completed the dark little french knots along the reeds.  I finished the details in the trees as well.  I love the horizontal lines in the tree trunks.  Yay!  It's done.

October's Eve, 2012

This is one I will likely not do again, simply because of the sky.  This one was hand painted/dyed and just happened to be so fitting for this piece.  It was perfect, and completely accidental!  I nearly tossed the sky until when I realized how strongly it resembled that night.


Here's a wall hanging I've been tossing around in my head for two years now.  It's a topography of the South Saskatchewan river & the farmers' fields.  I did one before in raw silks, though there was no river in it.  This is just the audition - all the pieces lying on the table.  So far I like it.  This is how I'll be using all those blue decorative yarns eventually.  The fabric pieces you see are all taffeta.

Topography II

You need to imagine that with lots of stitches : )  It's pretty big compared to my little embroideries.  It's maybe 20x30 inches or so?

And then I did a silly thing.  I signed up to make 'I Believe in Faeries' postcards for the PostCard Cottage swaps.  ugh.  I swore I would take a month off because I have so many commitments in March,  Oh March.  It's pretty much ridiculous.  Sooo many commitments.  Sew many.

Happy Groundhog's Day!


Bernie said...

Love how that piece turned out! I like your Sask concept but it needs some green - it seems like Sask from the air in the fall without the wonderful green lush grasslands. That is , of course, my opinion. Glad to see the size and scope of the project.

Michelle V. Alkerton said...

Magnificent finish!!!

Stay inspired!

Ellie said...

I love your finished piece, the sky is amazing - in fact it is all amazing.

HollyM said...

It's funny how the pieces we think are toss-able sometimes become the best ones. i think this might be one of my favorites that I've seen you do.
Your beginnings with the taffeta looks intriguing.

Wendy said...

You continue to amaze me with your "art-scapes"! This one is just beautiful! What a wonderful idea to do an aerial view...I always love the view from the plane when I visit your province!

Anonymous said...

i made a 'saskatchewan-from-the-air' vest for one of my nieces several years ago. a couple of days ago i found the scraps from that project and had just been thinking that the concept would translate well into a quilt for my grandson...funny how brains sometimes work synchronously! and i truly love that finished piece...simply glorious!

Tara said...

This new finished piece is so unique. It just seems to glow. The hand-painted sky and the shimmery water give so much light to the picture. I could look at it and discuss the the wonders of its composition for hours.

elle said...

I also like this piece. The texture is amazing! I was actually thinking of you when I posted a winterscape on my blog. You'll get me doing these yet! TGIF!

Becky said...

WOW! Love the bare trees...If it were more green, it could easily be a scene from the Louisiana swamps that I grew up close to. They really look like cypress trees. That river and farm field is such a wonderful idea! I can't wait to see it develop!! Thanks for sharing!

Jeane said...

Your finished piece is fabulous and I have been secretly wishing for you to do a water reflection. It turned out perfect.

Grandma Coco said...

October's Eve is wonderful.

quilt happy said...

its beautiful i would love to be able to do that

Christie, Describe Happy said...

Really really really like your October piece!! It's all those little details that make it!! And that sky. Reminds me of a winter sunset for sure! Also, neat start to the topo piece.

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