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Friday, 3 February 2012

Let me tell you about TN&TN

In the fall, I opened up a second blog.  It's not exactly mine though.  It's a place for Canadian bloggers to link up and showcase their crafts.  It's a place specifically for needle arts, Canuck-style.  This includes quilters, sewists, knitters, hookers, crocheters, doll makers, lace makers, embroidery, weavers, and any other related hobby or art.

So far, there's a link party where you can hook up a blogpost mid-week.  We have about 20 crafters sharing their projects regularly.  Anyone can follow the blog (Canadian or not !).  In fact, we encourage everyone to watch.  We will continue to showcase "Works-in-Progress Wednesdays", but once we get to 100 followers, "Feature Fridays" will be added.  THIS will be cool, because then you get to learn more about each artisan / sewist.  If you are interested in being featured as one of our Friday spotlights, please leave your name in the comments section here:  Feature Fridays @ TN&TN.  Don't be shy!  You'll get a permanent listing at the site that connects to your blog, online store, and any other links you want to.  You'll also get one of these fancy buttons, courtesy of the fabulous Rita Penner.  Thank you Rita.  She has stepped up to gather the Friday content to our blog.

If you just want to follow, you can do that too.  We are here for your viewing pleasure.  Down the right sidebar are links to Canadian publications and the Needlework Pages (what a terrific resource!).  P.S.  The editors of these publications might just be peeking in now and then, so here's a great chance to be noticed.  Head on over to The Needle and Thread Network to check it out and become a follower!  Help us reach our goal to surpass 100 followers!  : )

Thanks on behalf of Monika K. and Rita P.  ; )

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