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Friday, 6 January 2012

Postcards & a BIG Thank You!

I really need to thank all the amazing people who have been getting involved with The Needle & Thread Network.  Not sure what that is?  The link is HERE.  I started it in the fall.  It's an open link-up blog specifically for creative Canadian stitchers & fibre artists.  I love to see what everyone is working on each Wednesday.  I love to blog hop and meet like minded neighbors.  We have about twenty regular women posting weekly and nearly 80 people signed up as followers.  When I feel like that number is low still, I am reminded that Canada is only one-tenth the population of the United States... and then I think, "Wow!  What a big group we are!".  I can find a handful of American link up parties like this, but finding the Canucks is like finding a needle in a shag carpet.  lol.  So for this group, I am so very thankful!  If you are interested, please sign on as a follower.  Once we hit 100 followers, we will start a 'feature Friday' where you get to know these creative souls a little better and take a good look at their best creations or online products & art for sale.  Please note - this group is open to embroiderers, weavers, fabric & quilt designers, fibre artists, crochet & knitters...  anything related to fiber including home sewing and garments.  If you have a favorite Canadian blog that fits this description, please pass this info on to them!  ; )

And now, for some Friday Finishes!  Well - I signed up for THREE swaps.  (WHY MONIKA!?  WHY!?).  lol  I couldn't resist.  For one swap, I have to make three 'Self Portraits'.  They are nearly finished.  For the other, I have to make 'Year of the Dragon' themed cards... nearly finished.  The third swap is for 'Embellished Owls'.  I didn't think I would join this last one, but then I started staring at this fabric.  I think it came to me from a swap via the mail.  I'm not sure!

I have never used those self-threading needles before.  I change thread colors A LOT in my work, and I must say that I absolutely love these!  'POP' and it's threaded.

I stared at the fabric for a while, and then after nearly three hours of sewing, I did this!

It's all by hand with two strands of embroidery floss, and ooooh it's so cute!  It's so cute!

I did the borders with a decorative stitch, and then narrow satin stitch on the machine.  There was the before & after shot.  It turned out so lovely, and I adore the colors!!


The question is, "Whoooooooo's going to get it in the mail?"  ; )


Ailsa (Cape Pincushion) said...

Love the owl embroidery! Absolutely charming. I think that your blog is wonderful! If only I had known about you when I lived in Saskatoon. I would have loved to meet up and see your work.

Anonymous said...

morning monika! i tried the self-threading needles a few years ago for hand-sewing and garments and found that sometimes they 'unthreaded' themselves...maybe it's time to try them again....
and i do love those little owls - i have a bit of that fabric in my stash - time to take my sewing machine to the 'spa' and GET TO WORK!

Sheila said...

How cute is that owl postcard , wish now I would have signed up;-)

Vicki W said...

I love your owls!

Becky said...

You are such a tease! You know I'm a sucker for owls!! I may have to overcome my moral dilemma and sign up for 2 swaps as well (I did skip December = rationalization). My postcard from Tamara in November was just incredible too.

elle said...

Very cute, Monika! The owls of course, but also the fine printing I'm only just starting to read! ;^)

upstateLisa said...

very cute! That is alot of work!!!

HollyM said...

I love the owls. I really must get into a swap sometime. I've not tried it yet. How do you find them?

CitricSugar said...

Oh, wow! Beautiful. That is what I call enhancing a print!

Cheryl (Grandma Coco) said...

Me!!!Me!!! ...Oh, wait....I didn't sign up for that one, did I? Darn!

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