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Monday, 8 August 2011

My Happy Place

We had a rainy day with my husband home, and I got so much done!  It really makes me look forward to winter.  Yeah, I said it.  Truly though, this has been one of the best summers ever.  Each day has been around 25C for weeks now.  It's been terrific.  So here's what I did!

three postcards

I joined the "My Happy Place" swap at PostcardCottage.  You make three, you get three.  So here are mine!  Two will be sent elsewhere in Canada, and one goes to the States.  I'm not sure who will get what, but I really love what I made.

summer lush, My Happy Place swap / postcard #1

I love that one so much!!  It will become a larger piece for an upcoming show & sale.  In fact, I was so excited about it that I've already began to put it together on canvas.  This little one for now is a 4x6 postcard for swapping.  I love the light green thread painted in the distance, and the pretty knots in the foreground were achieved by using variegate hand painted thread.

Here's a simple version of the canola.  I chose not to stitch into the sky of this one. 

Canola Postcard (detail) My Happy Place swap / postcard #2

And look at this!  Ooooooh it's my favorite.  I made it the day after I spent an afternoon lying in the backyard with the kids just watching the clouds as they move & change.

Cloud Watching Postcard, My Happy Place swap / postcard #3

Isn't that cool!?  I get such a kick out of it every time I look at it.  I can't stop giggling!  It's my happy place all right!  For me, there's nothing more fulfilling than feeling completely unrestricted.  I love to see far, feel the air, and be able to breathe deep.    Here's a little close up.  It may look like 'nothing', but there are some pretty details.

detail of My Happy Place #3

I've done the thread painting and hand embroidery with different threads - shiny rayons, variegated cottons, metallic polyester.  The effect I can achieve is more important to me than the brand name.  Mixing them up like that really does a good job I think.

There you go!  More tomorrow!



Ellie said...

Those are great Monika - especially the last one. Great work!

Pieces of Sunshine said...

Your postcards are so beautiful Monika.

Sheila said...

Love them all Monika , and this has answered a question I had , since I am also in this swap was wondering if all three cards had to be the same and I see they don't , great as I am not one to repeat anything if I can help it ;-)

Christie, Describe Happy said...

Your postcards... well thread painting is just outta this world. Stunning!! And I have to admit I cringe at the thought of white stuff and winter. I know the dogs will love it, but I am just getting used to flip flops and tank tops. Please no jackets or boots yet.

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