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Monday, 29 August 2011

Harvest Time Colors!

This weekend as the sun was about to set, I headed out of town with my daughter to see what stitching inspirations I could capture.  The bad news is that my camera was unintentionally set on macro while taking landscape photos.  The good news is that I still managed some terrific captures that I can most definitely use.  Want to see?  Please look at them as composition inspirations, and not with a technical eye.

cat tails at dusk

That skyless, heavily detailed scene remind me a lot of Margot Lindsay's pieces.  There are so many things to stitch in that!  Long, fat, whispy, and french knots of course.  Can't you see it?  And ahhhhh, the field of barley.  I'm sure next time I drive out it will be cut.

Barley, so delicate & soft looking!  I love the weeds in the foreground too.

Needless to say, there are a lot of songs about barley that involve lying down and sleeping in it.  I love the layers of texture and colors that we found that night.  Check out this next one.  It's cropped from a larger photo.  I can't get over the distinct colors!  This picture is cropped only, and though there's not much detail on macro setting, isn't this interesting?

Here is a more "landscape view" from the dirt road as the sun was sinking in the west.  See the road's shadow along the fence line?  These low long evening shadows really make me glad I came back to the prairie.  That slow and gentle sundown kiss-goodnight lasts so long here when nothing is in its way (oo wasn't that poetic!?).  sigh.  I was never satisfied near the mountains.

I am really in love with things here.

Then I got the wake-up call form the little girl in the back seat, "mama!  I have to pee!".  So we put our cameras away and headed to the nearest gas station.  When we were done, we had to take out our cameras again.  Check it out!  I think these next 2 photos are so beautiful.  It was then I noticed the accidental macro setting, and undid it.

tipi top

There are 3 tipis at the Grasswood Esso and you can go inside them all.  They are so magical.

looking up from inside.  sunset glow coming in

Sweet!  I hope you see something that inspires you deeply today.



Tracey Collier said...

Never having been there, I always thought the Prairie was dull and boring. Well, you certainly proved me wrong!

Sheila said...

You make the prairies so interesting , love your photos , the color variations is gorgeous , yes the prairies are beautiful .

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Beautiful photos and waking up above ground inspires me...what a gift, to be alive and living at Thistle Cove Farm!

Ellie said...

Lovely pictures whether on macro or not. Love all the colours and shades.

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