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Thursday, 1 September 2011

The Colors of Late Summer

I really love late summer.  Things feel like they come to a completion, and then September brings so many new beginnings.  Last night I dropped in at Periwinkle quilting for their 10th anniversary party.  I got to see lots of great women from the store, for our guild, and Molly too!  (Hi Molly : ).  Judy M. from the Studio on 9th was there.  She's so interesting!  I look forward to getting more involved in the classes there this fall.  I missed Margot Lindsay unfortunately, but I did talk Michelle into selling me these new packets Margot put together.  They are embellishing yarns/fibres and no two packs are alike.  I picked this one, inspired by harvested field you can see on the university grounds as you come around circle drive.

Margot's mix

I love they grey sky and the ?? tawny chartreuse ??  What are those colors?  Honey and wheat and greenish beige.  I dont' know what they are called, but they sure are relaxing.  They are the colors of the end of summer.

my photo from 2010, driving to the berry barn outside of Saskatoon - perfect match to Margot's color!

The colors are dry.  They are strange.  They are hot and cool at the same time, aren't they?  I love those colors!  I have been so inspired by color, but have never been interested in fabric dying.  I have been pondering dying my own threads, and that gets me excited.  Then last night while picking out frames and matting form my embroidery, I spied this on a discount rack!!!  

just waiting for color!

It comes with 36 read-to-dye skeins plus red, yellow, and blue dye powders in bottles.  I will try to mix colors to get more natural looks, and most likely I'll save some skeins for natural dyes from my kitchen or garden.  Not bad for under $8!  I will let you know how it goes!  : )

As for Friday Finishes, this is now matted and framed and oh so beautiful!  I hope she likes it. ; )
Bloom, 2011 in a coffee frame.

See you later!


I like to consider September as late summer because the days are still so hot.  I am linking to Stitched in Color's Celebrate Color post!  Everyone is adding their September palettes there if you would like to see!  : )


Heather said...

Great colours in Margot's mix. The dying sounds like lots of fun.

Bernie said...

I think it is easier to love fall when we have had such a fabulous summer - it was way harder last year to let go when we hadn't really enjoyed heat. I love both the colors of fall and the sounds. I was actually thinking of that driving home today. The sound and smell of the freshly combined field. The evening geese or the sandhill cranes. Especially the harvest moon. But non of these can I turn into creations like what you make! That piece turned out so intense - lucky lady who bought it.

Letterpress said...

Congratulations on your Friday Finish--the photo of the harvest fields is beautiful and yes, those skeins of yard emblematic of what you saw.

Good luck with the dying!

Elizabeth E.

Michelle @ Periwinkle said...

the piece looks wonderful! It was nice to see you last night, too, I hope you enjoy playing around with the dyes, that seems like a good product to have with the plain colored skeins.

Kelli said...

very lovely! Good luck on the dyeing!

Maureen Cracknell Handmade said...

Your Fall inspirations are all lovely! I'm joining in Celebrate Color, too!!! It's going to be fun!

Rachel Hauser said...

Those colors look like late summer in California, where I grew up. What a lovely packet of fibers.

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