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Friday, 2 September 2011

Gathering Materials for Class!

I picked up nearly everything in this photo at Periwinkle Quilting this morning. Oooh I can't wait to begin Karen Ruane's class! Embroider, Embellish, Create... here I come!

If you click on the pic, it will take you to my flickr page where each item is tagged with a description.

Have a great long weekend everyone!



Linda Coleman said...

what wonderful goodies Monika. Enjoy your class

Anonymous said...

Hi Monika

I LOVE the swirly ecru lace!!

The class sounds great, something I'd like to do, but maybe another time. Handwork is my MOST FAVORITE.

At the moment I'm swamped in projects for the quilt show.

Can't wait to see your class samples :)


Cheryl said...

There's something so wonderful about going back to school....starting a class.....especially in September. All those leftover memories from when we were kids, I guess. Have fun. Study hard! :)

Cheryl (Grandma Coco)

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