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Saturday, 23 July 2011

Rainy Day Today

It's been cool and rainy and today it a good day to work on little projects while there's baking in the oven and bread rising.  I even went out yesterday and bought hot chocolate!  : )  It feels so good to have some down time at home and just reflect on things.

Pike Lake yesterday

I did do a major road trip yesterday with my kids.  We saw lovely things and I was armed with my camera.  Today I mount and mat some of them for the Showcase of the Arts deadline on Sunday.   See you tomorrow for Sunday Snapshots! 

What do you work on when it's blustery out?  (Here's a chance for all you lurkers to step up and say hello! hint hint) 

: )


Ellie said...

We usually get quite a lot of rain here,,I usually stay indoors and catch up with housework, baking etc.
It's lovely here today though, been out catching a few rays. Lol.

fabriquefantastique said...

please send some rain down here.....did I see some of your work in 'A needle pulling thread' recently? I have sent my copies to a friend in Australia.

Anonymous said...

On days like this I stay home and read and think
about what I am going to do...this is actually an
ongoing process! Did you find a flax field? Before
I retired (in 1998) I used to drive Highway 41
regularly and there was a flax field somewhere
beyond Aberdeen but before you get to Alvena. It
was always breathtaking: flax on one side and borage on the other! I realize that was quite a
while ago and planters as well as planting has
maybe changed. But if you're out that way keep
an "eye out" for it. Perhaps some readers of this blog have current knowledge of this field.

felicity said...

I love love that photo, Monika! It rains here a lot, and it never fails to make me want to curl up under a blanket and read, or sit at my machine and sew sew sew.

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