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Friday, 15 July 2011

All the Colors of the Rainbow!

Yesterday, I went to Periwinkle (our LQS) to find thread for Jesica's border.  It's always so nice to go in there.  They are so smiley and friendly.  Michelle even scooted to meet me at the front door to say hi.  ; )  My daughter and i sat for a while to just enjoy the place.  It's quite a different experience from the national chain store that sells fabric (you know the place).  I feel bad walking in there.  I feel like I get looks as if to say, "oh great.  here' she comes AGAIN," and they all close the cutting tables.  Everyone at Periwinkle seems to enjoy their job.  So Michelle helped me find this thread.

Valdani Hand Dyed Variegated Thread (Jewel 540 yrds)

Oooh I'm happy with this choice!  It's hand dyed, and a very heavy thread.  It will show nicely I think.  She said that not all machines like it, so use a big needle.  I'm assuming I will need the same thread on bottom to balance the tension.  I'll play around with this a bit and let you know how it goes.

every color of the rainbow

Last week I took out my cheap-o watercolors that I bought myself in May.  My plan it to hand stitch the entire previous photo onto canvas.  I love that photo so much.  I took it on Canada Day this year.  I'm thinking that I can use my painted rendition as a guide when stitching. 

Here is a loose color placement that will keep me on track when I stitch.  Bear with me, I am not a painter.

painted on an old piece of aida cloth

I haven't started stitching it yet,  It's quite large and will probably take all summer, fall, and winter.  I figure once I have it on that scroll frame, I can work on it anywhere, including the spray park this afternoon and the lake tomorrow.  : )  It's been a pretty fun summer so far. 

My last rainbow item is this:  I got all the solid color fabrics cut for the Snips n Snails kit!  If you have the Summer ANPT magazine already and you are interested in buying the right color strips, let me know! ; )  You can e-mail me at mysweetprairie@gmail.com.

Now to get Jesica's quilt backing done.  It will be flannellette with some more fabric-memory pieces.  See you all tomorrow!



Flo @ Butterfly Quilting said...

OH wow..you're not a painter!!?? I can't even draw stick men!
Love the thread..and yes I feel the same about the fabric stores!

LynCC said...

uhhh You look like a painter to me!! lol ;D I could never do that.

Becky said...

Very nice! Love the thread!!

Margaret said...

Lovin' your little watercolour...but where are the yellow/red-centred flowers in the foreground? Just curious! :-)

Janice said...

I worked at F*****land one summer, while in university. I last 2 weeks - I thought it would be a heavenly job, but the women there were all really crabby and I kept getting fabic lint in my contacts! I did learn how to read the code on the tags, so I knew what the wholesale price was, but I've forgotten by now.

Christie, Describe Happy said...

I'm really liking all your rainbows!! That hand dyed thread is really just stunning.. can't wait to see how you use it in the border. And I have to agree you look a lot like a painter to me too!

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