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Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Tuesday Off Topic

Hello! I've been busy busy and unable to get a Tips on Tuesdays post done for this week. It was a well lit day for me to get all my photography done before putting my eight new art pieces under glass in their frames.

I'm done! I have uploaded my 4 favorite shots of each piece into my flickr online photo album. To see them all, simply click on the photo in this post, and it will take you to my flickr set. From there, simply click "older" over and over to see everything I've just uploaded. ; ) That 'newer/older' button should be near the top corner of the photo when you go there.

You'll know you're done when you see my old stuff from Gardenscape.

p.s. All pieces are for sale and will be in A Needle Pulling Thread Magazine next year.

Have a great day!
...who REALLY feels like she's accomplished great things!!


Anonymous said...

Your pictures are great! I especially love the Frozen Bubbles

MDH said...

My goodness you've been a busy beaver!! Beautiful work as always- love it!! Have fun at the show!

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