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Monday, 23 May 2011

Monday Auditions

This weekend was pretty productive.  I managed to finish all eight pieces and cut twenty four mats.  I tried to photograph them at high resolution before putting them under glass, but it was one of those days where there was sunshine, a giant cloud, sunshine, a giant cloud, sunshine... you get the idea.

This time around, I got a variety of frames and a variety of matting colors.  I got to mix and match to get the best look for each piece. Here are some snapshots of how I audition the mats and frames.

"Boundless", with pale stained wood and matching double matting

"Spring on the Prairie" with a barn wood frame and double matting

I really love that barn wood frame.  It has just a hint of denim blue in it's grain that looks so good with that dark storm and those blue knots in the field.  Honestly, I think all my pieces looked so good in that one!  It was pricey though, so I only bought one.  I'm choosing to put Spring on the Prairie in it because there's something so real and loose about it that worked well with the country frame.  It has a very natural feel overall.  It's also very texturous, which the art is also.  : )

"Poles Along Highway 7" looks so fresh in this blonde wood & double mat

I particularly like how the wood of the frame corresponds with the wood of the power poles.  And the bright white outer mat makes the clouds shine.  It gives that quirky composition a more contemporary feel.

"Linen Moon" looks s good with sage matting and a coffee colored frame

The moon will go on last!  I still have to do that.  I ended up adding some single stitch lines in that sage color just below the canola field.  It really helped to soften the landscape and give it more depth.  It also blends well with the outer matting.  You can click to see them closer.  I thought I would want more blue surrounding this one, but when I auditioned it, it just made the whole piece very silly.

Well there you go!  Hopefully it will be more sunny for me to take the rest of the photos tomorrow.  See you then!  : )



Pieces of Sunshine said...

The mats and frames are the perfect finishing touch and protect your work so well. Is it hard to cut your own mats?

diane said...

I really like the texture in your Linen Moon piece. But, they all look so great!

Kathy said...

Oh my! The collection is JUST BEAUTIFUL! You are so talented!

Textile Tragic said...

They're looking great! I'd love some more details about how you actually finish and mount them. It looks as though you've satin stitched the edges . . . ? what then? do you stick them onto a mount board before adding the mats? Thanks for sharing.

LynCC said...

So impressive :) We'll be seeing you in a high-end art gallery soon enough!

Sharon said...

Those are fabulous! So beautiful! :)

Grandma Coco said...

Poles Along Highway 7 is my fav. Where do you get your frames? Years ago my dad used to make my frames for me (for my pencil drawings) and I bought specially cut matts from a professional framer. That was before rotary cutters. The Old Days. The actual process of framing wasn't much fun....just a necessity.

Jillsy Girl said...

oooh...i LOVE them all but Boundless and My Sweet Prairie speak to me the most! I think is all the textures. Your work is fantastic! Do you have an online shop?

ladyfi said...

Wow - each picture is just lovely!

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