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Sunday, 8 May 2011

Sunday Snapshots #36

Happy Mother's Day!  Hey, first off, thanks everyone for all the lovely comments and wishes through the birthdays, public events, anniversaries in the past 2 weeks!  So fun.  Mother's Day is the last big day of all the spring festivities in my life.  Enjoy the photos!

Flowers from my husband...

domestic objects in the background ; )

iris unflurling

Flowers from my children... always the best aren't they!?

And check it out!  I have one snapshot from my studio of multitasking at its finest.  I sat under an ancient Zeller's brand bonnet-style hair dryer while I handstitched the binding on Anno's quilt.  : )

Ha ha!  My blow dryer quit and my long hair was wet.  We were supposed to meet up at a park for a playdate and I wasn't done the binding yet.  I love sitting under hairdryers.  My mom had 2 and I spent many school mornings sitting under them before it was time to stand out on the gravel road to catch the school bus.  : )



LynCC said...

I love it. :D

diane said...

Happy Mother's Day

Peg said...

And what a great way to warm up before heading out into cold Sasketchewan winter mornings - come to think of it, I could use one here in BC this spring! Beautiful flowers - happy day!

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