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Monday, 11 April 2011

It's All Good - and winner announced.

Today is the day I do my first public speaking in... oh... nearly 20 years?  I am nervous.  You bet.  I've been having panic attacks for three days.  I have my speech prepared, my quilts stacked for show and tell, and even a few pieces of art to pass around.  I speak at 1:30 pm to the Saskatoon Quilters' Guild - all of which have a much more extensive quilting history than I.  I think that's why I'm nervous.  Showing to people who don't sew is much easier.

It's all good.  Putting this together was a great experience.  I got to reflect on my path and where I am now, and really take a good look at it.  I've never stopped to think about where I'm going, or what influences me.  I just go with the flow of what feels right.  Fortunately, I can say that I really like the path I'm on.  Writing up this speech surprised me.  It turns out  I've come full circle.

Soon it will be one year since I started "My Sweet Prairie": the blog and the art.  SO MUCH has happened in one year:  magazines, commissions, art shows...  It's really quite incredible.  So as all other bloggers do, I'm preparing for a birthday week complete with surprises and give-aways to thank everyone who supports me and keeps my bravery up so that I can take fun risks that always seem to be worthwhile.


And by the way, my Random Number Generator (my oldest boy) picked #14... Jeane!  Congrats!  I've left a message requesting your address.  You can email me privately and I'll get the current issue of Quilting Arts off to you this week.

See you all tomorrow for Tips on Tuesdays!  ; )



Molly said...

take a deep breath, my dear, and enjoy giving your presentation. these people are coming to listen to you because they are interested in your work and they love what you are doing. it doesn't matter how long a person has worked on a craft/art - there is always something new to learn, and oftentimes, it's the newest, youngest practitioners of the art who come to it with the freshest vision, the most interesting ideas and the most beautiful designs. it doesn't mean that everyone will adopt your approach - very few of us could, with any degree of success - but everyone will leave refreshed, inspired and with renewed energy for creating our own kind of beauty!
relax and have a wonderful time! wish i could be there!

Gailanne said...

Who wouldn't love you?
Just be yourself, and you'll ace this presentation...as far as your art, it'll take care of itself!
Have fun today, looking forward to hearing how much you enjoyed it later. Stay blessed!

Scrappy quilter said...

Wish I was there hearing you speak. You'll do well. Hugs

Anonymous said...

I'm so sad that I won't be at Guild this afternoon :( Maybe we can invite you to an evening meeting :)
Prepare to be bombarded at coffee break :)
Hope to see you this evening. "Break a leg".....not literally:)

diane said...

Congratulations and many good wishes today!

Dena said...

Hi Monika,

I am so happy for you to have the courage to take the journey. I recently mailed my first clay dolls and I was nervous to package them, nervous to mail them, I now I am nervous about their arrival. BUT I am excited too.

Thanks for everything you do Monika, sharing your art and yourself is changing lives.

Sharon said...

You'll do great! Have fun today. And congratulations on your blogs birthday.

Sorry I haven't commented in awhile, I've been having trouble with Blogger allowing me to comment lately, but it's allowing me to today for whatever reason. :)

Grandma Coco said...

Wish I could be there. I'm sure you'll do great! Just remember to breathe. :)

Linda Miller Designs said...

I trust the presentation will go well! Have fun and share who you are with the guild.

Judy Wood said...

It's 1:35 as I'm reading your post, so you're into the process now. I'm sure you'd do a stellar job. Looking forward to hearing the report after.

Bee said...

I'm just now reading your post and by this time you are home celebrating how well the day went! I can't wait to hear about it! Isn't a little reflection a good thing? Its always nice to see how far you've come.

S said...

Monika, I hope your presentation went well. (I'm betting you were great, if your speaking skills are even half as good as your blogging skills!) i had no idea you started this blog just a year ago. You seem like a seasoned pro. Happy anniversary (or birthday, if you prefer). Best wishes, as always...and hoping the coming year is even better! Angela

My Sweet Prairie said...

Thank you everone! It was pretty stellar. I think they loved stories and photos. I got so much wonderful feedback! Wow. I remember when i thought blogging was scary! Still, i am not so sure i can do that again any time soon. My nerves! :-)

Christie, Describe Happy said...

I am so happy to hear that the presentation felt so good for you!! Your totally amazing through your writing and artwork, I can only imagine that sparkle must also come through when you are speaking!! Whohooo hoooo!

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