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Saturday, 5 March 2011

Surprise! A Trip to the Bookstore

A bit of personal first... I'm a super-proud mama!  One of my kids' reactions to reading is to breakdown crying with severe humiliation.  So in September, I pulled him from school and did my best to slowly and positively teach him how to read.  If he cried, then we didn't bother.  Well this past week he announced to me that he read a 55 page book, without me asking, and totally tear-free!  It was an older version of The Little Mermaid (serious - not disney).  He was hopping up and down squealing for me to take him to the bookstore!   Side note: we have five bookcases PACKED with books here at home!  This milestone, however, required serious acknowledgment, so off we went to McNally Robinson's.

I love that place.  It's so much more colorful and homey than the big new Indigo across the street.  Plus they have a way better selection here.  Indigo is pretty mainstream.  Even their needle arts sections was like, "Reader's Digest How to Embroider".  yikes. 

2 story book store, full of color and trees and handmade goodness.

I forgot!  My two quilts are up with a fine selection from the Saskatoon Quilter's Guild.  Go check it!  If you've never been there, it houses a very fine restaurant and a fantastic selection of handmade gifts.  I looked for the latest edition of A Needle Pulling Thread magazine, but it must not be on the shelves yet.

My kids got a kick out of this when they walked in!

I have to really thank my homeschooling/artist/mother/friend Sam for showing me this place and encouraging me to get my quilts up in here.

Up near the kids section. 

On the drive home, my little guy read two chapters of his new paperback novel and promptly phoned the grandparents to make his big announcement.  Me... I cried a few happy tears.  : ) 

happy weekend! 


felicity said...

That is a priceless gift you've given your son - the reading AND the confidence. Congratulations, Mama!

Meg in Nelson said...

Congratulations to your little man. Such a big step. I know, because when I was 6, I was illiterate in two languages!

Peg said...

What a wonderful milestone for both of you - reading is a most precious ability, if for no other reason that just the sheer pleasure and relaxation it can provide! Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

Mom of the Year Award!!!
All kids should have a Mom like you.

Scrappy quilter said...

Absolutely wonderful that o took him out of school and worked with him. As a homeschooling mom I know what it's like to have a late reader (our C didn't read until she was 13..now I can't get her to stop reading). When we lived in Wpg. we were at McNally Robinsons all the time. Love that store!!

Flo @ Butterfly Quilting said...

Congratulations to both of you! I got tears in my eyes just reading this.
I love McNally Robinson too! It is such a great place, and I love those big chairs you can actually sit down and browse through books. I will have to drop in and check out the wonderful new quilts on display :)

Bee said...


Molly said...

hi monika - your quilts and thread-paintings and postcards are all lovely, and give us such pleasure, but all of them put together are not as valuable as the gift you have given your little one. to be able to read without fuss, without bother, without humiliation and with facility, and especially with joy! is such a precious thing...
i agree that there are some very lucky children there, to have a mama like you!

Grandma Coco said...

I don't know how old your little boy is but our grandson likes those Diary of a Wimpy Boy books and when we visit we enjoy them, too!

Jackie said...

What a fantastic story...

Jackie said...

ps... i have a give away on my blog

My Sweet Prairie said...

Thanks for all your congratulatory messages! I'll pass them on to him. He's 8 soon, and finished 2 novels in 4 days as his FIRST books. When you're ready, you're ready! The boy cannot stop giggling! : )
off to find the next edition of Secrets of Droon.

elle said...

Excellent! I'm not seeing quilts in our Wpg. McNally Robinson but totally agree. Best place ever! I'm getting the MistMantle Chronicles (5) for my grandson who is only going to be three but I will read them to him. He already luvs books, will be home schooled and cried when we left the bookstore! lol Criminal what sometimes happens in public school but... BTW, I did want to mention focal points on a prairie scene are the telephone poles against a blue sky with a few green coulees anchoring things! ;^)

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