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Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Things I Love Thursdays

I love the people who read my blog.  Really!  I changed the header on the sidebar from "a bunch of awesome fans" to "My Sweet BlogFollowers".  Sweet you all are!  oh my.  I have so thoroughly enjoyed reading all the comments this last week.  Soulfood!  You are the best!

I still love the paintings Jack leaved in my window.  He changes them often.  Check out his latest addition!

I love my birdie.  His name is Pippin, and he sings when my machine is humming.  His nest is packed with shreds of pretty colored fabrics.  His cage sits on the old Kenmore cabinet.

I love the number three.  Three kids.  Three rosehips.  Good things come in threes.

And lately, I love brown.  In fact, I have removed almost all of the red from the entire main floor of our house.  My red curtains are gone - chocolate brown is up instead.  It's a good dirt color.  I miss spring I think.

All that's left is the front door of my house.  It is red, and it's bugging me.  lol  I painted it four years ago.  I suppose I can do it again.



Becky said...

Right back at you!!

Anonymous said...

Bill just painted our bedroom Otter Brook brown. It's yummy ;).
Stay inspired!

Christie, Describe Happy said...

Brown makes me think of dirt too. I *heart* having my hands in dirt! Your bird is adorable and I do like when you post 'jack frost paintings'!! Hope you are having a good day!

Bee said...

I love the Jack Frost paintings! Beautiful. I imagine listening to Pippin sing while you sew is lovely! After living with an ugly brown and orange sofa for 20 years...(the sofa that wouldn't die!) I thought I'd never like brown again....until recently. Brown is warm and rich but it also reminds me of coffee beans and chocolate.

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