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Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Wednesday in Progress

Boy am I ever enjoying Tips on Tuesdays!  What a great pool of knowledge.  I love it.  The other day, I headed out to Periwinkle Quilting and found these fat quarters!

It's mmmmmm 'oh-so-perfect' for the applique and the binding of this bookstore quilt I'm making for next month.  I have started appliqueing the owls into the stars.  I'll show ya later!  : )
It's currently being pinned and basted. The bias binding is all ready to go.  I used 2 fat quarters for that and had more than enough.  Here's how you lay it out to make no-waste binding.  You cut one quarter meter square in half diagonally and reattach it like this:

this is the backside

All you do is slice 2" strips using the diagonal edge as your guide.  You end up with 2 ft long strips with the ends already angled for attaching into one long strip. All seams are diagonal which makes the binding much smoother.  I didn't need bias binding, but since I've learned to cut strips with this method, I find it very waste-free which I like.  Here's my roll:

I am working on a "quilt-police approved" binding tutorial.  There is just one little step I need to get right first.  Gee, there's a lot of odd tutorials out there!  yikes.  Most are great but beware - some methods would not fare well should you ever decide to enter a quilt into a show or for judging.  If you do plan to enter your quilt or have it juried, read through their approved method first.  Yes there are often rules.  You don't want to be docked points or flunk a jury because you didn't know better.  

Okay, enough technical blabbering.  

I also did the groundwork for Mandy's piece which i just love love love.  NOW I'm really feeling like this piece looks like it was made by me.  It just has that signature My Sweet Prairie landscape touch to it.  I hope Mandy likes it!!

have a great day, and thanks everyone!


karen said...

Hi Monika....that bias binding looks glorious!! I am a secret hoarder of bought bias binding...it's an affliction I'm afraid, I just love it!!

Christie, Describe Happy said...

Beautiful fat quarters! I also would be very interested in bookmarking your binding tut! Gosh I can't wait to see the whole darn thing with the last quilt. I bet it's amazing all together! These tease shots are well, teasing me!

Grandma Coco said...

I Love, Love, Love bias binding. I think your idea of using 2 fat quarters is genius!! I'll have to try it. Do you still stitch it into a tube before you cut it?

My Sweet Prairie said...

Thanks! I don't do the tube thing because I"m too lazy to draw all those lines. I've seen that way though, and it's pretty neat-o! ; )

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