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Sunday, 16 January 2011

Sunday Snapshots #20.

It was a very productive week.  : )  This was finished and mailed.

i LOVE this binding.

I am so very happy that I figured out the tension issue on my machine.  You have no idea how happy!!  I feel like there's a serious creative streak that's been building and waiting... so here I come!  ; )  I am going to finish the quilting on this quilt of mine ASAP.  It's my 'Mama Bear Paw' Quilt.  It's bound already and I sleep under it.  lol  I couldn't wait.

the quilting is missing!  lol

Mandy's quilting is done.  I feel terrific about that.  Now for some embellishments on the land and tree!

hot hot !  free motion quilting again!

I have to show this pic again, I just think it's so pretty.  It looks like flying geese coming north.  I know that spring is a LONG way off, but a woman can dream.  : )

in my sewing room window,  -25C outside... spring inside.
something pretty for the bookstore

I love the warmth of the sun & the wood in this picture...  It's Quilting Arts Magazine with a postcard of mine on the pages!  This photo makes me happy inside.

AND - speaking of creative streak, I have my idea for a show quilt!  It's popped into my head last night.  The theme of the biennial Saskatoon Quilter's Guild show for 2011 is "Making Waves".  I got it!  Hopefully I can get this baby accomplished through the summer.  This little "eureka" feels like a mini-power surge.  lol!  : )  Now to find the right fabric...

Take care!
love Monika
            who didn't use her seam ripper once this week!  it's a miracle.


Carol Kunnerup said...

Congrats! each and every time that creative surge of energy comes along..congrats. That's what the family says to me. There is the everyday work of creativity and then there are THE DAYS, the days when everything clicks, works and just pushes the artist forward. love THE DAYS.
very exciting to have your postcard in QA! wow.
good luck with your idea. would love to see a teeny tiny corner of how that works itself out. ;D

Flo @ Butterfly Quilting said...

That stripy binding looks great on the top quilt! Turned out perfect, as usual! Can't wait to see the whole thing.
Glad to hear that you have tamed the tension on your machine. That is my next goal.....start free motion, so I may be on your doorstep asking for help LOL!

fabriquefantastique said...

Just love the enthusiasm of this post....keep it up

Michelle @ Periwinkle said...

I like the binding too! and the quilting on the rainbow quilt is amazing, m

Becky said...

Love the binding too, and that FMQ-ing is beautiful! Love the heat waves! Good to hear about the tension, and I bet with Valentine's Day coming up that quilt will go fast!!

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