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Saturday, 15 January 2011

A Little Diversion

Today I "butterfly quilted".  According to Flo, it means to flit from one project to the next.  That stash of mine!  It's taking over my sewing room!  I decided last night that I would make a simple stacked coins quilt with all my pink fabric.  I have nearly ten kinds.  I could plow through that in no time.  Great idea?  Sure.  Did it happen?  Of course not.

chain piecing patches

Instead, I made one hundred half square triangles in only two fabrics.  Now what?  Bear's Paw?  Pinwheels?  Broken dishes?  I decided on 8 pointed stars.

yes, my poor shamrock is reviving!

Well, guess what?  The top is DONE.  No kidding!  Of course the camera died, but here are the blocks.  The points all matched up so well!!  Perhaps I'll add a pretty border to this top.  I have only done borders twice out of the 70+ quilts I've made.  I guess I'm just not a border person.

ready & waiting for some pretty stitches!

I plan to either hand stitch this or free motion, but I will use pretty colored threads to embellish it.  I think it's going to be so pretty.  Done in a day!  (Thank you to my children who just discovered a new card game.)  I think this one will hang at the guild's bookstore display in the spring.   

GASP... "spring"?  Did I say that?  I barely recall what spring feels like.  It's been a cold cold dark & snowy winter.  I think this quilt was necessary to perk me up.  Though I didn't pow through that stash like I planned, this feels soooo good to have created.  ; )

Stay warm,


Michelle @ Periwinkle said...

smiled when I saw what you did-- I did the same thing yesterday!! I started out with the intention of sewing together some vintage quilt squares I'd acquired, but by the evening I'd made some pretty good progress on a totally different project! guess we're all just butterflies (or grasshoppers!)

Molly said...

i've always called that 'magpie thinking'! but i do believe i like butterflies better than magpies...what always astounds me is how productive you can be when that mood strikes! wonderful, isn't it?

Flo @ Butterfly Quilting said...

Very pretty! I will look for it at the bookstore next spring.

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