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Monday, 17 January 2011

Sun, Snow, & Cute Little Owls Too!

I ran out to the store to find backing for my pink & white bookstore quilt.  I still haven't decided what to do with the centres of the blocks.  I want to embroider something.  I was thinking brown, and owls.  I love brown with pink & white.  And looky here!  I found this for the back!  It's meant to be I guess.  I will go with owls.

Isn't she cute?  It looks like she's wearing an apron.  lol

I haven't found the right fabrics for the show quilt idea I have.  Might be a pie in the sky, however I saw some things I could use at Spoonflower.  I do have these. too...  I could make my own prints.  hmmm...

Well for now it's sketches only.  I have Mandy's wall hanging nearing the finish line : ).  I have a big white quilt commission to do for Jesica with her grandmothers fabrics sprinkled throughout.  And I have 3 postcards to hand embroider for the swap at PostCardCottage (yahoo group).  The quilt show isn't until the fall.  Lots of time...

And holy snow batman!  At least the sun is shining.  I got to put on my shades and head out to shovel.  lol  I got the front done... now to tackle the back!  It's a good thing it's so darn cold out still.  It keeps the snow light and fluffy.  

; )

See you tomorrow for Tips On Tuesdays!  The theme will be binding!  Get your ideas ready : )


Janice said...

I like the owl with stars/flowers for eyes!

Flo @ Butterfly Quilting said...

I love the little owls too.(my favourite are the little brown ones) I think I looked at the same fabric this weekend !! Great minds ..right??

Christie, Describe Happy said...

Those owls are cute! I also want to try paint sticks -- I am thinking using them for the circles on my tree piece, but am clueless where to start. Could you include them on a Tuesday Tips? And yes, it seems the owls are meant to be!

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