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Monday, 10 January 2011

It's Monday, It's Guild Night!

I'm feeling so accomplished today!  I got that quilt for ANPT magazine done done done with the exception of the binding.  It's simply the sweetest quilt I've made so far.  It's very simple and modern, full of solids and straight line quilting, but it also includes wee buttons and some embroidery of drawings I made.

nice points hey!?

And now we have to wait before I can show you it all.  Kiss bye - these are the last photos until summer.  There will be a more detailed sneak peek in the upoming spring issue, which I definitely need to buy.  I'll let you know when that comes out.

there are pretty little buttons and embroidery all over !

In the mean time, I'm off to the fabric store.  Can you believe I'm drowning in a stash of fabric and don't have the right one for the binding of this quilt?!    Also, I will be crawling back to Eric, my machine technician, by the end of the week.  Oh the horror.  lol  Whining about tension problems makes me feel like a dork.  But I really, really could FMQ before this machine, I swear!

fmq - see?

Ooh I almost forgot!  YAY!  Tonight is guild night!  It's been SO long.  The last meeting I attended was in November for Pippa Moore I think.  It will be nice to see everyone again.  I believe the speaker for the evening is discussing drawing, and how it applies to quilting.  Interesting!

I will see you all tomorrow for Tips on Tuesdays!!  Last week was fabulous and I can't wait to bring out great minds together like that again.  Tips on Tuesdays is a hit because of you.  : )



Bee said...

I can't wait to see the whole quilt! Your corners match perfectly. I'm sorry you are having tension problems! Do you know about the 7700 Yahoo group? They are a good source of information. Enjoy your Guild meeting tonight!!

Michelle @ Periwinkle said...

Hey Monika, sorry I won't see you today,-- I'm going to the afternoon guild meeting! It would have been nice to have you there as an impromptu co-presenter-- I'm supposed to talk about blogs/blogging! wish me luck, m

Christie, Describe Happy said...

Yes, beautiful modern colors and I can't wait to see the whole thing. Good things are worth the wait I guess! You must have a lovely stash to select from, but I can understand not having quite the right color or pattern to bind a quilt with. And I'm swooning at your free motion -- can't wait to see you rolling again!

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