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Saturday, 8 January 2011

Sunday Snapshots #19

Pretties for you and some funnies too!

quilting "in the ditch"

piecing after midnight


not working


not working.

pears make me happy

Here is my 4 yr old daughter Arwen, at her little work station.  She is much less frustrated than me.   It's fun to listen to her talk to herself as she sews (copying mama).  Like the rotary cutter!?  : )  She was mad it wouldn't really work but I wasn't about to give her the Olfa one.  Crafty little girl - she added a blue button onto her machine because she wanted an auto-thread cutter like me.  !!  And you must appreciate how long she spent threading her machine : ).

See you tomorrow!  A giveaway perhaps?  hmmm...



Molly said...

one of my earliest memories is of sitting beside my mom whilst she was working on her sewing machine - i had my own ironing board and little iron (it for really heated up! but only a little) and had my own fabric, thread and needle (what my gramma called a 'toad-stabber'!)...lovely memory! thank you for bringing it back!

Flo @ Butterfly Quilting said...

OK. I am thinking there are still some issues with the tension ROFL !!! I haven't tried the new approach by Leah yet.....I hope this isn't the result!
The pictures of your daughter are too cute! does that little machine actually sew? Love her rotary cutter! Love your imagination!

My Sweet Prairie said...

Yes! She received a toy iron under the tree this year, and i made a little ironing pad for her bench. : ) You should see how well she organized my 200 spools of thread! : )

Tension... well, my eyelashes are longer and thicker than yours. No, nothing to brag about. I'm taking it in to have the tech show me how to make this work. If the Janome tech cannot show me, then I'm going to consider a Bernina!?? I mean really... I'm exhausted.

Anonymous said...

I love your daughters work station, it won't be long before she'll be sharing yours. My youngest started sewing around 6, I've always let her do her own thing creativity wise and now at 16 Wow! (though at the beginning of Jr high she told me her creativity was gone/not cool....that only lasted a week or so...when its in ya its in ya :)

Anonymous said...

Maybe Arwen could come help me as my hands don't seem to be cooperating much lately and I can't remember how to work my machine :). When I was little, my mother sewed all our barbie clothes. Now that's patience!
Stay inspired!

Christie, Describe Happy said...

Oh, your poor tension. I hope that tech can teach you all the right settings so it's smooth like butter! Your quilt looks very pretty and your daughter is too cute! Isn't it lovely to see her following in your steps!

Brenda T said...

I have fond memories sewing on my mother's Singer machine. I made all my outfits for my barbie (you could buy patterns for these). I watched my Grandmothers sew clothing without patterns. I am happiest when I can stitch :)! Arwen will follow Mom's creative path. As for your sewing machine I love my Bernina! If you want feedback I can give my experience.

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