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Friday, 12 November 2010

'Quilt Until You Wilt' Tonight

Please email me at MySweetPrairie@gmail.com if you want to meet up to sew tonight at Judy's Studio on 9th in Saskatoon!  (Flo?  Brenda?  Angie?  SQG members?)  I never did make it there this week to check it out.  The space is available at 7 pm.  My plan was to work on the St. Nikolas Day quilt, but I ended up completing the applique last night.  It's looking good I think!

one block created by a 4 yr old

I need to clean up all the stray threads.  I used brown thread to applique it all which helps define the yellow shapes better.  Their houses are so darn cute!

6 of the 10 blocks for the quilt

I won't bring the "Grandma's Cabin" piece because there is too much fine detail and too many embellishments.  Plus, if anyone disturbs me while I'm in the zone, I might just have a little fit and holler, "will you keep it down already!?!  I'm trying to work here!".  LOL  That would probably not go over well.  : ) I'll leave THAT piece for my quiet nights and mornings at home. 

still building that cabin...

Sadly, it's the last swap for the PostcardCottage group.  They are disbanding.  I would take it over if I understood anything about yahoogroups and databases, but I do not.  I signed up for the "It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas" swap.  So that is what I will work on tonight.  I need to make four postcards with that theme.

I'm make them as pretty as possible!

I'm looking forward to tonight!  I'm going to bring a box of scraps that I plan to leave there.  It can be a give & take supply for when people are paper piecing or short on a section of binding.  I'll need a selection of teeny pieces for the postcards, so I thought this give & take box would come in very handy at the studio.  Hopefully it will also keep scraps from being tossed in the garbage.

off to play at a friend's house now.

1 comment:

Linda Mullen said...


It's really simple. If you want me or Joy to teach you how to take it over, it won't be a problem, I have no idea how you manage to get your blog on FB. So if you understand that, taking over the group would be real easy. We'll stay on and help you if you have any questions, I just don't have time to take care of the list, with a full time job and all.

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