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Monday, 15 November 2010

Grandma's Cabin, Stage 3

Stage 3 (the building) isn't done.   But here's what I have so far. I have the siding and roofing all done.

The windows and doors aren't on yet, but I have the shapes cut out.  First I wanted to get the lower part of the deck built so I would place the doors and windows properly.  They all land between the major posts of the deck railing.  The problem was that I didn't have the right color of thread.  I started with a "close enough" color.  But you know, "close enough" never is.  So I took my awning sample book to find the right shade.

DARN those are handy!!  I have faux suede and taffeta books too!  I found just the right color - brick red.  And just 30 minutes before my son's birthday party, I dashed off to Fabricland before the 1/2 price thread sale ended.  lol  It's nice to live i n a small city because everything is close.  LUCKY ME!  I found the perfect match!

So I began the heirloom stitching for the lattice.  Of course, I picked the wrong size stitch and had to seam rip it all out - little 1 mm stitches!  What a pain.  I should have known better than to start without testing the stitch on a scrap.  After I got that right I lined up the drawing to match up the placements of the main posts.  I marked them with pins which helps a lot.

Before I finish the deck now, I need to stitch on and outline all the doors and windows.  After that I'll do the Stage 4 - the ground work.  

Slowly but surely...
: )

...who is about to keel over and die if the sun doesn't make an appearance soon.  :(  4 days of ice fog & grey!  This is unreal!


darkdreamer said...

Wow! You have such talent for details, I'm excited to see the progress bit by bit, and thanks for posting it so I can watch. Sun should come out soon!

Lee said...

WOW! It's looking great! It's been so fun watching this come together.

My Sweet Prairie said...

Thanks you two! Lee - I hope to put some things up on Wednesday! Sorry I missed WIP WED last week. ; ) Great idea! I'll get there...

Gailanne said...

I'm so glad I found your blog, I love watching as you do this step by step...so detailed, and incredible!

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