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Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Frost Grey Blah Winter Blues

I love winter.  But day 5...  maybe 6?  Still no sun!  UGH.  This is torture.  I am so emotionally flat-lined.  It is hard to be creative when I feel like this!!  I started taking vitamin D supplements.  What is with this icefog!?  Winters are typically much more sunnier here!  Let me find some beauty...

it's so humid!

No snow.  This is FROST!  Incredible.

My favorite mother/daughter photo from a few years ago.

weeping - 2010

My Oma (grandmother).  There!  I made myself laugh!  ; )

getting vitamin D however I can! 


Gailanne said...

Your Oma made me smile too, if there's no sunshine on the outside, just more reason to let it shine on the inside!

ps...maybe playin' with some sunshine-y fabric would brighten your mood? Hang in there...

Rayela Art said...

Monika, winter depression is no joke and this is just the beginning of it... I moved South because I can't take the cold (although this house is colder than I ever was in Chicago!) and it makes a huge difference to have winter be 2 months shorter.

Getting out in it and moving always seems to help, too. Your grandma knew exactly what to do! What a great photo!

susan m hinckley said...

As a Minnesotan, I feel your pain . . . but you certainly captured some beauty, so thank you for that. And some humor -- double thanks!!

Flo said...

I like the idea of sewing something Yellow and sunny!
looks like I left for Maui just in time !! I will try to bring the sunshine home with me!! :)

Monika K. (MySweetPrairie) said...

Rayela - oh I know! That's part of why we left Calgary to Saskatoon. Winters are cold, but it's way sunnier here usually. Winters are very sunny though the days are short. Calgary was so dark with all the chinooks. I cried a lot there. I couldn't handle Vancouver rain either. The vitamin D does help a lot! REALLY necessary. ; )

Thanks everyone for the positive words!

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