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Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Cabin Stage 3 is Done!

Whew! This was definitely the most tedious part!  Landscapes come naturally to me but buildings are tough.  The fun part is matching colors because it feels so good when the right one is found.  : )

many shades of grey

I managed to squeeze on the house number, but I don't think that "Hillgrove" and the family name will make it.  I'll make a label at the bottom of the picture before I set it under glass.  Check out how teeny it is!  

I'm so happy with the windows!  : )  Rails not added yet...

I started the deck rails by hand but didn't like the look.  SO I took it all out and stitched reeeeally slow by machine.  I added the railing and the front basement wall.  Done the house!  

whoopee!  I did it!

The next step will be to work on the front yard.  I will add the stone patio, the driveway, lawn, and the hedge.  I'll call it "stage 4".  Stage 5 will be the trees and all the things in the front yard.  How much should I cover this up?  There's a LOT of foliage to do still.  Stage 6 will be the final embellishments & finishing the edge.  

my stuff

I think I see the sky lighting up with sun, so I'm taking the rest of the afternoon off and heading to the park with the kids.   Gailanne, sorry about the delay!  I forgot that your package was in my purse when I was out yesterday and that is where it remains.  I'll take now to the post office.  It's just on the other side of the park.  I will blame my tardiness on the weather if you don't mind.  : )



Anonymous said...

You're incredible Monika!!!
Stay inspired!

Gailanne said...

That is AWESOME!

ps...no problem about the mail, hope you had fun at the park with the kids.

Anonymous said...

It's so beatifull.
Nhan Tran

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