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Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Snooping in Other Blogs : )

I'm in that lull - a minimally creative space after a hugely creative push.  I'm still a little exhausted and really unsure of what to make next.  I have an art commission and a quilt commission coming into my life soon which I really look forward too!  Both a such endearing projects.  While I wait, I found the following lovely post from Michelle at Periwinkle Quilting and Beyond.  (Click on her name.)  She's the owner of a local quilt shop and she posted her own dyed wool fabric swatches!  wow.

Go look at the pretty colors!!  I wonder what wool fabric feels like?  Is it itchy?

And then I saw a recent post from Lee at Freshly Pieced. (Hi Lee!)  She blogged about Spoonflower dot com.  I had never heard of it.  Have you?  Get this: You can actually design your own fabric, upload it, and buy it by the swatch or the meter (yard?).  They will mail it to you.  Isn't that amazing!?  I have to try it.  I fooled around with some of my photos.  These are "fat quarter fabric" samples.

That was the photo Wendy S. took of me quilting on the beach this fall.   You can shrink or enlarge the patterns.  :)  And look at this...

  It's my photo of the window grates of the Delta Bessborough Hotel, our "castle on the river".  And I did this too...

That is my photo of trains out in the country with their reflection in the flooded ditches this summer.  We had a lot of rain.  I think this would make a good illustration on fabric for a child's quilt.  Look at this next one!  I used a mirror image of apple blossom with a stormy sky looming in the distance.

It reminds me of kaleidoscope quilts I've seen on TV.  And here's one more of a prairie field & some dandelions, also kaleidoscope style...

It's all a bit garish for me, but aren't they darn interesting!?  Try is out for yourself.  I can't wait to upload my children's artwork.  That would make a real keeper of a quilt.  

Enjoy playing with that!  : )  Hey Michelle F. - maybe we could quilt your paintings!!  hmmmmm.


Flo said...

Wow, how can you tell that you are an artist ? Amazing!

Lee said...

I know, isn't Spoonflower great?! So many possibilities - glad you're enjoying it! I love the window grates and the train fabric! : )

Janice said...

they used this fabric printing company on an episode of "Project Runway". I agree that it would take a special eye to find somethng subtle enough to handle the repetition. I like your apple blossoms one best.

My Sweet Prairie said...

Super garish, I know. drawings from kids would be awesome though, don't you think??

Michelle @ Periwinkle said...

i think it's great that you tried out different patterns! the spoonflower fabrics are such a great idea. BTW you are more than welcome to link or use the photos from by blog! take care, m

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