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Wednesday, 20 October 2010

My Bling

I really like my guild.  I wasn't really sure I fit in the first year.  The second year, I made one friend, but still wasn't sure I fit in.  This year, I was roped into joining a committee totally against my will.  (haha)  It turns out that I am really, thoroughly enjoying it!  The Saskatoon Quilters' Guild is a very large guild.  I think I heard that there were over 200 members?  Can you imagine!?  And- there are no two women alike.  They are all so unique and equally fabulous.  

Here's the guild pin on my name badge.

My involvement started in 2007 when a friend took me to my see a quilt show for the first time ever.  I went twice that weekend.  lol  That biennial quilt show was incredibly huge with so much happening and so much to see.  I was hooked.  Here's the pin for that year, though I didn't join until the year after.

It was that particular event that made me decide to have something entered for the next show, 2 yrs later.  When the time came, I completely chickened out.  I did put a lot of things into the marketplace to sell though.  I also BOUGHT a lot from vendors, like soluble stabilizer, angelina fibres, yarns, and boxes of rayon threads.  Here's the bling from that year's show:

I love flying geese patterns.  I have yet to make something spectacular with those triangles! 

As for the next show... the hype is starting already!!  The October 2011 Show organizers have announced a theme and the pin is out!  : )  It's "Making Waves", and what a gorgeous pin it is!!  I got mine!!

Ooooh I cannot wait.  I have ideas brewing.  I'll need to read more on the categories in the guild's Prairie Points Newsletter.  I want to make a modern quilt, but there is no category for modern quilts.  With the evolution of modern quilting, I would guess that there would definitely be a category for it in the quilt show 3 yrs down the road.  The way things are moving, modern now could be retro by then!  lol  

The next meeting is this Monday night.  There's a flea market prior to the meeting.  I'll have a table of sewing-room-excess to sell.  There's also a magazine swap with the library.  Isn't that a great idea!?  There is also dessert night.  Imagine that.  We have fun.  ; )

So, I'm on the evening program committee.  If anyone reading this is in a guild, leave a post!  Share one of your favorite guild events or speaker topics.  I would love to get more ideas!  Thanks in advance.

Enjoy the bling! 

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