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Sunday, 24 October 2010

Pinning vs Seam Ripping - Which Takes Longer?

This is my second Sunday post - but it's all about the quilts.  I cut up one choir gown into many 2 1/2 inch strips and started putting the top for this cute owl quilt together.  Then I realized - OOPS.  I don't pin.  My machine seems to take care for me.  But the rows of little boxes didn't line up, so... out came the seam ripper again!!  The birds don't look too impressed.  

One is in shock.  One is in disbelief.

: )  I'm funny hey?  lol  Yeah.  I"m funny.  Maybe I should have been a comedian instead of a quilter.  Needless to say, I learned my lesson.  Shortcuts in quilting often are not.  So I vow now to pin my rows from here on.  And WOW was that fast and easy.  Silly me.

Here are some more owls, checking out the new top.

It's raining today, so I put the top up in the window.  Pretty how it glows!

I can't wait to quilt it!  The quilting always changes the look of the top.  I'm not entirely sure how I'll do this up.  Those owl boxes make me happy.  They remind me of a computer game called Chuzzle. 

I think I'll chose red for the binding.  Prairie points would really rock this quilt!  hmmm

I will need to put it on hold for a couple days.  I need to gather all my wares to sell at the quilter's flea market tomorrow night!  YAY.  I look forward to getting out of the house and being with other quilters.


1 comment:

Rachel Hauser said...

This quilt is adorable and I love your "owls not impressed" comment. Fabric makes me funny too ;)

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