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Sunday, 24 October 2010

Sunday Snapshops #9 and CBC Ramblings...

We went moon hunting the other day.  I always take my kids to see the harvest moon rise, and the winter solstice sun rise as well.  At dusk on Friday, I drove out east of the city for about 30 seconds.  It turns into a gravel farm road right away.  Unfortunately, it was thick with clouds at the horizon so we were unable to see her come up.  But when we looked to the west, this was magnificent enough!  Sun down.

I haven't been nervous about any deadlines lately, so I haven't been out running in the mornings.  All I have to share are these quiet evening photos of the prairie. 

I particularly like that one.  It's so quiet.  I really really like quiet.  My kids are asleep right now, and my husband has been out of town for a few days.  After the kids are in bed, there's no TV on  (hubby loves movies and video games until the wee hours).  This alone time is rejuvenating for me.   I create and create and create into the night.

The rare moments I am alone on weekends, I love to put on CBC radio and listen to Randy Bachman's Vinyl Tap show while I work.  He has this relaxing voice and he and his partner Denise have story after story to tell about people he's met and the stories behind these old old songs.  The music is such an mix.  Listening to all this is pretty dreamy and nostalgic for me (was an aspiring electric guitar player in highschool).  Now I'm a mom who sews.

Here you can listen to past shows by these.  He has funny themes sometimes.

 Anyhow - I wrote this thank you letter & sent it in to their show:
Hi!  I moved back to Saskatoon four years ago and started quilting!  The problem is, I have three young children.  The only time I can really get to my craft is at night after they all fall asleep.  So I stay up late designing and sewing quilts - with you to keep me company!  (Take a look if you like.)  You always get me in a good mood with such an energetic and creative atmosphere.  And your voice and stories are so great to listen to.  I really enjoy your company.  Thank you for such a colorful, eclectic show!
And his partner Denise wrote back:
Wow, wow, wow, Monika! We are so honoured to be some small part in helping you create such beauty!! Those are really astonishingly beautiful, such care and detail and such an artist's eye you have! Bravo!!! Thank you for writing and sending us the link to your beautiful quilts!
~ Denise McCann Bachman for Randy’s Vinyl Tap CBC Radio One.  Saturdays 7 – 9 pm, (8-10 pm in Atlantic Canada), Friday repeat 11 pm – 1 am, and on CBC Radio Two Sundays at 6 pm [all times ½ hour later in Newfoundland] 
Isn't that S W E E T ! ?   Boy, did that ever put a spring into my step all weekend!  PS - Giveaway winner will be announced tomorrow!  Blog contest ends at midnight.  ; )
I caught this one lastnight!
 ~Monika (what do you listen to when you sew?)

Listen to the shows live in any Canadian time zone at http://www.cbc.ca/listen 

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