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Saturday, 18 September 2010

Sunday (almost) Snapshots - end of summer

Okay, it's actually Saturday night, but I had SUCH a lovely afternoon that I want to share it now.  After coming home from a very fun day at Sew & Home, I took my kids and headed straight for the park.  The sun was so hot and sky was so blue.  There was no wind - the air was so incredibly silent.  We were the only ones in the park.  While my kids climbed trees, I rested on a quilt be the cattails and journalled about all the great people I met today.

I love the long shadows of autumn, and the big waxy yellow leaves of these poplar trees.  I love the way leaves decay. I love the way they smell.

The cattails are three times as tall as they were last time I was here!

And on the way home, I had do dig out my camera again for these!  They are exposed poplar roots that caught the setting afternoon sun so nicely.  Aren't these intricate!?  Incredible.


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