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Saturday, 18 September 2010

Quilt Tops and Postcards

Yes it's true, my Horizon has been in the shop all week.  "Pretty Penny" is fine, and home now with all her factory set tensions all set to sew much better.  Thank you Eric at Sew & Home.  

In the mean time, I borrowed my friends Janome 5030 and put over twenty blocks together just yesterday afternoon!  Ooooh I love the color combinations!!

It's country charm meets modern Canadian, isn't it!?  Plan A is to enter it into a silent auction.  Plan B is to write up the pattern for it and send it Quilter's Connection Magazine.  Plan C is to keep it all for myself!  : )  It matches my bedroom well.  Red, White, Brown with Yellow accents.

I have this little quilt all pinned and ready to go, but I don't want to quilt it until I get my 7700 all up and running again.  Maybe I'll add some pretty embroidery or hand stitching to to.  Not sure yet!

And I completely plan to re-do the 9 Patch Peach Crate quilt in Yellows for pears, reds for macintosh apples, and greens for granny smiths!  All those pattern options will end up on Etsy (Plan A).  : )

Maybe with more red?

One more cup of coffee and I'm off to Sew & Home for the Fabric Postcard Workshop registration.  I need to go pack up all my fabulous postcards from the swaps for the display table.  I have postcards to display from Ireland, Nova Scotia, New York, along with my own... Should be fun!

have a great day!


Michelle Flowers said...

loving the colours. have an amazing time at the registration and enjoy all the wonderful feedback that will surely come your way.

Anonymous said...

Love the colours on the first quilt in this post. Your comment, "country charm meets modern Canadian"... did you know that the Maple Leaf tartan (unofficial tartan of Canada) is green, gold, brown and black; the same colours as your quilt squares?

Cheers - Tara.

My Sweet Prairie said...

I did not know that Tara. We have all these old Canadian encyclopedias and atlases and history books. Pretty much anything you read is fabulously amazing and unknown! I spent a week teaching my kids about Canadian animals, and many of them we did not know about. My kids were like, "you mean there are no alligators or elephants in Canada? and "What's a Prairie Dog?" and "THAT is a reindeer!!??" lol I love Canada. : )
Thanks for the comment!

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