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Saturday, 4 September 2010

Saskatoon Fireworks Festival

This is our third year attending the Saskatoon Fireworks Festival over the South Saskatchewan River.  They run the show for two nights ever September Long Weekend.  

This year was a bit of a flop since the Victoria Bridge where they shoot the fireworks off of is closed... and they forgot the music.  ?  

We had to stand on the far side of the Broadway Bridge.  In between all the cars flying right past the fronts of our noses, I managed to get some good photos.  

 There were thousands of people and families out there tonight.  The night was really warm!  And check this out!  There was only one heart - and I managed to catch it!! : )

We hope to go again tomorrow night, but from the University Bridge.  There's also the Train Bridge, and the Circle Drive Overpass Bridge, and the Sid Buckwold Bridge...  Coincidentally, one of Saskatoon's nick-names is "Bridge City".  

Thanks for looking! ; )


Anonymous said...

Hey Monika, what is the setting called on your camera that you use for that? I think mine has a fireworks setting, but I always forget to change it to that, and/or it's too dark to change it!


Monika K. - MySweetPrairie said...

Janina in Saskatoon Janina?
I didn't change the lighting or exposure or anything... But under "menu" was an option called "continuous". That's what I did. We use it a lot when the kids make funny faces or want to show off a cool stunt! lol

Michelle V. Alkerton said...

Great pics Monika. The first one looks like daisies :).
Stay inspired!

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