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Thursday, 2 September 2010

Hugs and Kisses! X O X O

I just love how this has turned out!  I finished the top, and as you can see, I omitted the teal altogether.

Being a baby quilt, I used the cuddliest batting EVER - cotton and bamboo.  It's really amazing, and so supple.  It's not stiff at all like poly/cotton blends.  The backing is solid indigo flanellette (lucky kid!).  And then I stared quilting - LOOK! 

It's literally quilted with love!  aaaawe.  : )

I used that variegated thread from the last blog post.  I stitched love all over the white spaces, and in circles in the middles.  

Since there are Xs and Os everywhere, I call this quilt "Hugs and Kisses" for baby.  : )  I just have to stitch the binding on now.  : )



Wendy Lou said...

How adorable! I *love* it :D

My Sweet Prairie said...

Thanks! I have some neat-o words on my machine - love, sweet, etc etc. If you ever want to add to anything, you are welcome to stitch it here. : ) And ps- GREAT deals from the place we ordered last. THey've revamped their prices (lower) and added a whole line of solids and batiks!! So let me know if you are ordering.

Wendy Lou said...

Nifty! Thanks :) You have some really neat artistic things going on with your art. I'd never have thought of some of the things you do, I'm glad you share them, you are inspiring!

Now only if I could figure out where you find the time. lol...

Anonymous said...

:) lovely

Stay inspired!

Monika K. - MySweetPrairie said...

Hey Wendy & Michelle!
This quilt & instruction for making it will be in the upcoming winter issue of a Canadian quilting magazine!! I just got word. I' so excited! I'll post a blog when I get it together. ;)

Wendy Lou said...

Yay! Good for you!!

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