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Friday, 10 September 2010

Peaches nearly done...

I have yet to finish handstitching the binding on, but I'm posting these now because I just have to!  I love this uber-cute quilt so much.  It's turned out perfectly! 

All the quilting is done with variegated thread matching all the patchwork.  

And I'm so happy about the raw edge applique for the fruits and the leaves.  After a washing, this will fluff out so pretty like a rag quilt.

And here's a shot of the scalloped quilting in the border, just for added loveliness : )  This quilt turned out 'pretty as a peach'.

The back is red & white pinstripe flannelette.  The batting is 80/20 Hobbs which isn't my favorite, but gives it a good puff.  

Now to press on with completing the pattern instructions for this little gem.  


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