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Friday, 10 September 2010

New Art Supplies!

New art supplies...or should I say more!  Ooh I went treasure hunting today.  I needed some greens and yellows for a landscape piece.

Those 3 yarns are all wool rovings.  Two I bought at Zellers.  The third is from the Wool Emporium.  It's handpainted organic wool made locally.  It's just gorgeous!

Thank you Heidi and Bill from Willow Island.  ;)  I'll have to find them and send them a link to my work once it's done.  Wooo!  It's so gorgeous, it makes me want a sweater! 

The rest - I have some gorgeous glass beads in hot yellows and celery greens.  I have some flax fibres and even some moss.  There's chunky yarns, decorative sparkly yarns, and that green sheer ribbon that comes in so handy!  All those metallic fibres are perfect for adding that prairie sparkle!

But my dilemma has been the sky.  How do I do the blue sky?  I need to research this more.  I've looked into batiks, but there is never the right color.  So I plan to paint the sky onto the canvas, and then add the fibre landscape on top of it.  Even then, it's hard to get the right shades.  

None of my oilbars are the right colors.  Perhaps this weekend I'll get a chance to play around with mixing some acrylics and then layering some sheer over it to get the right effect.  Look at it - it really is such a strange color.

I'm excited to begin though!  From my photos, I am making a whole series of landscapes now in preparation for becoming juried through the Saskatchewan Craft Council.  That will happen in March.  I'm sure it will come soon enough.  I need ten pieces.  I will most likely include a couple quilts.

: )  itchin' to be stitchin' but stuck in the kitchen...

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