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Sunday, 12 September 2010

Sunday Snapshots in my Sewing Studio - 4

Sunday again!?  Wow.  Time flies.  What's new in my life?  All three children are in school!  One is in German pre-kindergarten, one is in English grade 2/3, and one is in French grade 6.  Funny!  How many families can claim that one?  As former homeschoolers, we are dedicating the evenings to family time instead of me playing chaffeur and living and eating supper out of the van all winter with my children as we go from soccer to ballet to piano to martial arts...  That was a terrible way for us to live last year!

My great news:
I am ending up with three "me"-mornings per week.  I haven't had me-time in eleven years!  My plan is to spend that time writing up patterns and designing more quilts (ie- working).  The sewing and art I can do anytime.  

I'm so excited that the winter issue of Quilters' Connections will publish one of my patterns!  I also want to try selling some on Etsy.  So a few free mornings will mean less late nights. 

I guess you want to see some Sunday Snapshots now?  : )  Presenting, my new pet!  I'm calling her Mojo.  

She's got some freaky eyes, and I love the green worn pottery look.  ; )  And I got this mega-paint brush for painting the sky onto my giant canvas.  By the way -that's MY hand, not my 4 yr old's.  

On guarde!  haha.  And here's my new journal.  All the rage seems to be taupe & orange.  Wow.  I'm not sure how I feel about that.  Has the design world run out of color combinations?  lol  But this is pretty.  It's soft yellows & grey & white.

I am reminded instantly how journalling can cause a huge surge of creativity!  Works like a charm, every time.  Well there you go.  I'm off to make a fibre landscape to see how I like it set against the painted sky.  This is just a practice round.  That mucky grey in there was from an acrylic labelled "sky blue".  Maybe back in the smoggy big city... but certainly not on the prairies!  The two bottles here are "calypso sky" and white.

My next post should have something gorgeous set on that canvas.  !!  

~Monika K.
Sewing in Saskatoon


Sam said...

You are on fire! Your mojo is in full swing. Way to go, so happy to hear and see all the amazing stuff you are doing.

Michelle Flowers said...

I cant wait to see what transpires with this canvas. Seriously, your blog is so inspiring. I'm off to create as well.

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