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Wednesday, 4 August 2010

New Fibre Art Postcards!

I started these before we headed out of town with our three kids, big truck, and tent trailer for the long weekend at Oma's cabin.  What perfect weather, perfect waves... so fun.  I didn't have too much sewing withdrawal at all because I had two cameras with me.  ; ) 

* * * sidenote - you'll notice I edited My Sweet Prairie's subheading to include photography?  I had to.  My photos are such an integral part of my art.  * * *

Remember the Berry Barn photos?  Here's what I finished today between swimming, setting up the backyard tent, three rounds of boggle, two loads of laundry, one round of scrabble, dishes, and a freshly weeded garden...

"Ready for Picking" featuring the lamp posts at the end of each row of Saskatoon Berry bushes.  Go ahead!  Click on it to see it bigger!  It's so fabulous!

"Columbine & Combine" which turned out really pretty with the free motion stitching!  Click it once to see it bigger.  Click it again to see it biggest.  

And "June Saskatoons".  Same as the first piece, but true to the original photo.  The berries were still red. 

I can't tell you how pleased I am with these.  Making them was so rewarding.  The beads were perfect.  The yarns were perfect.  The threads - perfect.  Man do I have a big collection of embellishments.  It's quite ridiculous.  But it helps!  

And the new machine... perfect.  Free motion work is incredibly different from my other machine.  Maybe it's the fact that the foot doesn't hop?  And the needle plate closes with the exception of a teeny needle sized hole. Everything really stays put when I'm working.

So I printed onto fabric, FMQ'd the cards, then added yarn borders with decorative stitching.  I beaded the berries and stamens.  Finally I fused the postcard backing, and satin stitched the cards closed.  Here's some detailed shots of these luscious little gems:

!!  I get so excited when I see these up close.  As Michael from THE OFFICE would say, "I love lamp".  HA!  That's all I can say in my head when I see this.  I love lamp.  And looking back, I'm glad I took the time to squat down in the mosquitoes, and got over feeling foolish while taking photos of the ends of bushes.  It really is 'all in the details'.

Want more?

Okay, one more...

Woo that's pretty!  And look below.  That border looks woven.  It's not.  It was 2 strands of decorative sparkly multicolored yarn, and some interesting geometric stitch from Pretty Penny with variegated thread.  I don't think I could replicate this. 

And the backside:

Okay.  Enjoy!  I"m off for a walk with the kids before bed.  : )

~Monika, "Pretty Penny" (7700QCP), and the camera.

1 comment:

Sam said...

These are so incredible! You are a talent!

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