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Saturday, 31 July 2010

The Berry Barn (Saskatoons in Saskatoon)

Here are some snapshots I took at The Berry Barn, Saskatchewan.  Enjoy!
First up is my favorite... taken in the parking lot.  

Next up, Columbine and a combine, with the Saskatchewan river in the distance.  I saw her down on the ground, posing so nicely.  : ) So I squatted down and snapped a dozen photos.  My rear end is now full of mosquito bites!  I was wearing blue jeans.  FYI.  She was worth it I think : )

Here are the gift shop windows.  It's a huge red barn that has a wonderful restaurant.  Saskatoon berries in everything!  

This one I love so much!  Then end of every row of bushes has a lamp on a post.  They are about the same height as my 4 yr old daughter.  They look so pretty all in a row.

This is the same side of the barn, but from the view of the lower river bank.

And while I was down at the river looking up, I saw this!

And this is what you see at the exit from the parking lot.  Cute hey?

Yeah, you know it.  Some of these will become fibre art : )  Just wait and see...

ps.  Happy Saskatchewan Day Everyone!

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