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Thursday, 12 August 2010

Just me & a little rearranging.

Whew!  What a busy couple of days not sewing. I think I'm having withdrawal.  Yesterday I baked a couple fruit flans and threw a party at the local outdoor waterslide pool for kid #2. 

Earlier that afternoon, I took cash in exchange for my Janome 4900.  5 days on Kijiji and she's gone.   I'm a little sad.  Although I love the new Horizon, my 4900 brought me to where I am now.  I wish the new owner all the good sewing karma I can send with it.  I left the cute stickers on the machine for her.  (She said I could).

Today, kid # 3 won't stop crying.  She must be getting sick. 

But kid #1 wants desperately to learn to sew, so I'll be picking up a good but cheapo-sewing machine for him.  That will be fun!  Maybe a really good computerized Kenmore so the gadgets are all interchangeable?  Not sure...  (Apparently Janome makes Kenmore or something odd like that.)

I'm overwhelmed because I really really want and need to rearrange my studio.  I know exactly how I want to rearrange the furniture.  But when I sit down to sort my stuff, it takes FOREVER.  I spent hours sorting this one particular embellishment with my four year old.  These metallic fibres were from Molly. Click on it once, and again for a real close up.  There were thousands of fibres all in a mixed bag.

Perhaps some fabulous garage sale finds this coming weekend will kickstart the big change.  I can hardly wait!  Garage sales ROCK.

So Look!  I'm resorting my supplies by color.  There will be no more "bottons here, ribbons there, seedbeads in this box, angelina fibres in this bag...".  Nope.  Instead it's, "Red box.  White box.  Blue box.  Green box."  And I think I like it this way!

Everything but threadspools & fabric is in each box: yarn, metallic fibre, embroidery thread, ricrac, ribbon, glass beads, buttons, lace, sequins, etc.  The boxes are clear.  And everything in them is packed in clear bags.  Now I can easily just grab the color I need, and from there I can pick the right product for the piece.  Nice.

Yellow box (sun, brown eyed susans, wheat, hay, canola...)

Brown box (soil, tree trunks, seeds, tilled fields...)

So I have the 3 primaries, the 3 secondaries, black, white, and brown.

Will you look at that photo!?  I still cannot turn it!  It was straight when I loaded it.  How on earth...  ?  ?  ?

But before I do that, I must finish the McNally Robinson quilt.  * * * By the way, I know exactly how I'll join the blocks.  I figured it out in my head while doing the dishes last night.  Wait and see!
: )

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