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Monday, 26 July 2010


I love garage sailing / sale-ing.  I got a dress form that way.  I got fabrics, batting, threads, buttons, crochet cottons, cutting mats, rotary blades, a light box, sewing room furniture, frames, quilt magazines, rulers, templates... Then this weekend, I adopted a quilt!  

"How much?" I asked her.

"Oh... a dollar" she replied.  "It was my mother's childhood quilt."

"Who made it?" I asked.

"I don't know.  It's probably circa 1930 or so," she informed me.

A buck!?  I love it! 

Ain't she pretty!??  If anyone recognizes this block, please let me know.

Yes, those are my toes.  Ha ha.  The quilt is quite tattered & torn & work.  It's machine pieced with white thread, and hand quilted with green thread.  The batt is polyester.

I'm thrilled, but a little concerned that now I'm going to start collecting (or have I already?!?).  Oh my.

~ Monika, mother to many quilts. : )


quiltersconnection said...

wow, what a score! A dollar??!! Love the flower patterns, and it looks so pretty out in the sunshine.
Make sure you put a label on it with all the information you have (albeit very little).
I love garage sales too, but have never found anything this good!
~ Heather

My Sweet Prairie said...

Label! yes - gee I hadn't thought of that! (since it's not mine). But you are absolutely right!
ps - thanks for peeking at my blog!! : )

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