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Monday, 26 July 2010

Mama Bear's Paw update

Maybe it's a good thing I cannot blog from my cell phone.  I tried...  The new phone I have is so amazing.  I am not a phone person.  It actually serves as a mini-laptop and a whopping 8.1 megapixel camera!  It's fabulous.  So, since my back is completely out today, I've spent a lot of time embellishing my blog and facebook and etsy store.  Then I sat up in my balcony and worked on some hand quilting on the paw prints.  I spent more time listening to Tori Amos and photographing my quilt, but oh well.  : )

Quick, take a look before I take a seam ripper to it.  The spiral needs to be bigger.  PS- click on the photo below to see how intense this camera phone is!  god it's fabulous!

Well... I mean wider.  the loops are only a quarter inch apart.  I need there to be more space between the rows.  Still... I love this picture because it shows off the variegated thread I'm using.  

So, here's the quilt.  I'm not sure I posted this yet.  It's MINE by the way.  MINE.  Not for sale : )

It's like a mother bear spirit who has waded through a muddy valley of blooms.  I want to hand stitch spirals on all the paw prints, and pinecones on the squares. I love it.

: )

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