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Wednesday, 28 July 2010

A Pretty Penny...

I opened a separate personal savings account and have been slowly depositing anything I make on my art & quilts.  I was going to get a longarm, but then in April, my dream machine was launched at Janome.  It's has everything that was on my wishlist three years ago, when the closest I could find was my Janome 4900 'quilter's companion'.  

The new machine is called the Horizon - a Janome 7700.  We found a FAB deal and it came today!!!  YAY!  Thanks to Michael for his help.  

No more folding up my art to wedge it under the needle, and no more forcing queen sized quilts into a six inch space.  This machine boasts almost a foot of space to the right of the needle!  YAY!  No more scissors even!  This baby has an auto internal thread cutter! 

Her she is!  Some 7700 owners call her Big Bertha.  lol

See how teeny my hand looks?  lol  I think I'll call her Pretty Penny.  : )  I LOVE the deep red panel.

There... decorated and all snug in the fitted extension table I made.  Beauty.


~Monika & Pretty Penny : )


Lara said...

Congrats!! It will be interesting to see what you do with that.. Can't wait!

My Sweet Prairie said...

I tell you one thing - my art & quilts will be made stress-free. : ) Otherwise, it does what my little machine does... same brand and stitches. Just EASIER... oh it's so nice. It's like when we moved from a double bed to a king size, or chucked the ratty futon for a sectional. lol : )

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