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Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Like Kids in a Candy Store!

What a great experience I had this morning! 

I've been toting my sewing basket around in my minivan on the offchance that I might actually show up at a local sewing store when the owner is in.  My sewing basket is full of fibre art postcards from around the world and from my sewing studio.  I spoke to Lynn from Sew and Home on the phone a couple months ago about the new Janome Horizon that I covet. 

I mentioned that I make postcards during our conversation.  She immediately asked if I would consider teaching a class for them. 

Fast forward to today.... I have my three children in the minivan outside the store, set up with Nintendo DS and a video as well.  I walk up to the counter and open my sewing basket.... and OOOH the reactions!  I had so many questions and oooohs and aaaahs and "come here and see this!" they called to each other.  The postcards came out of the plastic sleeves and were inspected with so much WOW.  If they were edible, they would all be gone.  How thrilling to see first hand the joy my art brought to complete strangers.  I felt like the Ostara bunny.  (haha)

ps- the kids were fine... and much safer parked outside the storefront than if they had been invited in to a show room full of glass and ceramics. 

When I got back to the vehicle, I exhaled a big breath and told my children how much they liked my work.  My middle boy, age 7 says "Congratulations mama!" and I know he really means it.  He's not an overly emotional guy. 

When I go back to pick up my basket, I'm hoping to bring home some fabric sample books that are outdated.  I have a big prairie landscape planned and Lynn mentioned they do have lots in their warehouse.  !!  FUN

rollin' right along...

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