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Monday, 12 July 2010

Highway 51... Google Biggar

I was googling the earth one day, and while zooming closer into Saskatchewan, my 6 yr old hops into the room to look at the computer screen.  "Wow, nice quilt mama" he said.  I laughed, "No honey, that's your homeland."  Right around Biggar, Saskatchewan, it looks linda like this:

Very pretty!  The rest of the province looks all green and white and grey like a Rough Rider fan club.  lol  But these rusts thrown in are quite gorgeous!  I take out my book of woven silk samplers that my fabulous mother-in-law scored for me at a garage sale in Edmonton...  and select these...

Not a bad match hey!??

But you know me... I changed my mind about colors and left out the blues so far.  I have a lot of embellishing I want to do, but here's the prairie puzzle in it's early stage.

Not all the colors ended up being what I wanted, so I did some tea-staining, onion skin dying and even coffee staining!  I LOVE it now!  I love the textures too.  The field blocks are 4 sections by 2.5 sections square.  Can you make them out?  The pattern of crops in each block are pretty much the way I saw them.  Farmers make amazing quilters!  : )

I did some satin top-stitching to tie it all together with a wheat colored thread.  


she spins
she sews
she weaveth she
the morning 
and night of me
(Goddess chant)

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