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Tuesday, 15 June 2010

so deeply honored

This is amazing.  Another woman tried to buy my winter landscape, and was saddened to hear it had sold.  I phoned her to say that I had another winter piece.  She was thrilled and asked me, "are you sure $30 is enough!??"   Here it is framed - taken from a photo of the lake in winter:

I'm so honored to hear her tell the story of how the little prairie winter scene caught her eye.  It just really meant something to her - enough to put it into her life.  !!  These pieces are so dear to my heart.  It's so humbling to hear that they effect others the same way. 

:' )

And did you see my pies??  Check them out.

sailing past Jupiter


Michelle V. Alkerton said...

:) feeling all warm and fuzzy inside :)

Stay inspired!

Sam said...

Monika, your art is very under priced! Worth so much more.

3 lil angels' momma said...

so exciting monika! for some of us, it takes others to see value in us and what we do before we see it for ourselves : )
your art is exquisitely beautiful!

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