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Saturday, 19 June 2010

Love that Skin you're in!

I'm not talking about Dove beauty ads.  I'm talking about onions!  I LOVE their skins!  

We have an old ChildCraft set of encyclopedias, cica 1970-something.  Mom kept them all these years and gave them to me after having kids.  I remembered one volume was called "the Green Kingdom" (ahem... Queendom!).  There was a page thet showed what plants could produce various colors of cloth.  I am not into tea dying, but I thought I'd try onion-skin & hot water just to see what would happen. WOW.  It was instant!  The used dryer sheets just grabbed the color.  I love it!

Here's plain white fabric, onion dyed fabric, onion dyed dryer sheet, and onion dyed crochet cotton... WOW.

After that, I wished I had snapped some pics, so I did it again with Lily of the Valley, which is supposed to make a pretty soft lime color. 

Unfortunately, nothing happened.  I also tried some plum tea... and it just turned everything boring light brown.  So I'm stickin' with onions.

And then (this is for you Adrianna...) I thought there were some other pretty colors in my sewing room I'd like to show you. Here's a candy jar full of left over threads sitting on my lightbox by the shamrocks. 

Thread is pretty.  Fabric is gorgeous.  And sewing machines are SEXY.  ; )

I know - that wasn't a great lit picture.  Oh well.  And now, for you Michelle... I cleaned my sewing room!  lol  And look - I even cleaned UNDER everything!  I hung a curtain below to hide all the crap under this GIANT desk I got off Kijiji.  The piano stool was my Oma's.  And the pretty stained glass medicine cabines hold some cotton threads.

I love the big big window in this room.  I cannot live without the sky.  

Here's my beloved oilpaint sticks that I don't use nearly enough. 

Here's an aerial photo (don't ask...) of my sewing space in the evening.  It's a giant cutting mat, and the funny looking tablecloth thingy is a custom made fitted sewing cabinet.  It's four feet long and over two feet wide.  I made it with one sheet of pink foam insulation that I bought for $20.  I cut in to fit my machine.  It's flush with my sewing machine.  The foam was then wrapped with a one dollar table plastic table cloth and packing tape.  Brilliant tip from another quilter.  And all that is on one l-shaped dest.  Like I said... GIANT.

I have a Janome 4900 which I love.  But someday I'm getting the new Horizon, Janome 7700.  Someday...  Wish it was now.  :(   I was really hoping I could swing it for my 40'th birthday, especially since the introductory price was 1/3 off.  bleah.

Here it is again Michelle!  all tidied up...

And finally, the cutest color wheel ever in my opinion.  I found it in a magazine.  I bought the bird at a garage sale for 10cents.  (why is there not a cents symbol on my keyboard!??).

Have a great weekend.

Namaste, Monika


Wendy Lou said...

Hey Monika, I remember reading in one of Amanda Blake Soule's books that different items require different dye bases to work. So perhaps lily of the valley uses something different than onion?

Anonymous said...

Love your sewing/quilting/creativity room and yes that colour wheel is priceless. To find the "cent" sign I think you hold Ctrl + / and C, but not sure if it works with Blogger fonts. Gee Monika, people are going to think I'm a neat freak or something. lol I actually cleaned up my art studio to make room for the big canvas I bought with my birthday moolah (when I'm brave enough to paint on it, I promise I'll share - a pic of the results, not my moolah - lol). Keep on having fun!
Stay inspired!

3 lil angels' momma said...

sorry, gotta ask, how the hell did you take that aerial?
i tried using beet juice to colour my home made lip balm once and it was a disaster!
i absolutely luv the picture of the lily of the valley in a jar with the kettle beside it!
and that medicine cabinet . . . if you ever come across another one like it will you get it for me : )
my sewing machine is gathering dust and if i can actually clear a path to it soon i bought some patterns to make sun dresses for abby . . . oh man, i guess i'd better hurry and get them done before it is winter ; )

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