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Saturday, 12 June 2010

I am a liberated woman!

Hey all you geeks out there... I just learned how to upload my own photos from my camera to my laptop!  mwwwwuuuaahhhahahaha!  This is as liberating as the first time I chose NOT to go to a full serve station.  Still I managed to pour gas on myself.  I was 38.  That's right - 22 years of full serve stations.  lol

But I can sew!  

At least I'm good for somethin'!  

Another thing I cannot do is follow patterns.  I dont' really care to, but to rectify this, I've decided to MAKE a pattern.  So, here's some snap shots from my tutorial-in-the-making.  It's a 'quilt as you go' method for us short arm quilters.

Here is a Dresden Plate from the backside, which are really cool to make.  This is my first attemp...

Is it just me, or do you find sewing machines entirely sexy?  lol  This is my walking foot.  I couldn't quilt without it! 

See?  No buckling or puckers.  Smooooooth.

And then I forget what I'm doing and think, 'hey this pear looks very cool.  let's photograph it!'.

And then I think, 'hey, let's take pics of my Janome!'  lol  Pretty hey?  I found the bird mirrors at Dollarama.  I love them!!  I figure that since rock musicians load their guitars with 'bling', I can too.  You should see the other side!  lol

The sun is shining... I must go do some yoga in my back yard now.  It's been 68 days of rain here, and we are all quite sick of it!!  Have a great weekend!



Sam said...

Has it really been 68 days of rain!? No wonder I am feeling mentally ill.

3 lil angels' momma said...

distracted to perfection!! oh monika, you make me smile : )
i luve the pear on the pattern pic!

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